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meet the humans behind it all

PRIMO Bali's range of chocolate bars are curated to represent the best that indonesia has to offer.

the cacao beans and ingredients that go in to every single chocolate bar is closely and carefully monitored to ensure the highest possible quality for the end product.

Years of experience in developing chocolate has culminated to provide you with the best possible experience. indulge in every bite as we work to create better and better recipes every day.

we not only strive to improve the quality of the cacao we offer, but also make it a core mission to improve the lives of the farmers that are directly involved in providing us with the possibility of creating these wonderful chocolate bars. 

each chocolate bar is provided with the coordinates of the farm where its cacao has been sourced from. traceability and direct trade are ingrained in our core values and ethos.

Pak galuh - mr. giuseppe

pak galuh (right) is one of our farmer-partners. 

he has been working with us for several years, and we have both managed to learn a great deal from one another. 

through our cooperation, the cacao sourced from his farm is 100% organic and of the highest quality.

Giuseppe verdacchi (left), our founder, can be seen here inspecting the harvest at the family home of pak galuh. we make it a priority to always visit frequently to catch up and discuss our new findings in the laboratory of primo and galuh's findings in the field.

only through this close knit collaboration can we provide such an excellent product. without the tireless efforts of galuh and many farmers like him, we would not have the pleasure of enjoying one of nature's greatest gifts: theobroma cacao.

the coordinates to his farm can be found on the front of your chocolate bar!

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WhatsApp Image 2021-08-09 at 1.23.17 PM.jpeg

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Jl. verdacchi, Pejaten, Kec. kediri,

Kab. tabanan, bali 82121

Tel: (+62) 812-3751-6033

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