Chocolate workshop

What will you get


At Primo Chocolate Factory Tabanan, Bali. You'll get a hands on experience to, Sorting the cacao beans: Telling the difference between perfectly fermented cacao beans and non-fermented beans.


Roasting the beans: Learning our unique method of roasting our cacao beans and the temperatures we use in order to extract the best flavours.


Crushing the beans: Crushing the beans by hand. Using traditional techniques to crush beans using wood and stone and finding the perfect balance of energy exertion so as to not turn the beans into dust.


Winnowing the beans: Using traditional techniques of separating the skin and the nibs of the cacao beans.


Learning about the grinding process: Seeing our large grinders/melangeurs in action turning cacao nibs into cocoa paste. Learning how we built the machines and why we grind for 80+ hours straight at slow speeds.


Tempering the chocolate: Students get to temper their own chocolate on cold marble.


Molding the chocolate: Students then choose their chocolate molds or freehand the chocolate they just tempered.

PRICE: $35

Plantation Tour

What will you get

With decades of experience sourcing and developing chocolate with the close help of the farmers in the community. Primo Chocolab highly motivated and passionate chocolatier, that puts the priority on the farmer's well-being, quality of life, and subsequently the quality of cacao rather than in profits. Many years have been spent personally discovering the wonderful plantations and groves that Bali has to offer in the search for the best cacao, and we hope to give guests a taste of what real Bali has to offer.


We will meet early in the morning at our chocolate factory in Tabanan, Bali. From there we will travel around 40 minutes to the plantations where we will spend 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace exploring the beautiful scenery and learning about how to grow cacao organically from the farmers we work with, also for lunch we will have an array of Balinese food for you to try.


We then will travel back to our factory where we will have a quick tour of the facility and guests can have the chance to purchase some chocolate at our boutique.

PRICE: $50