About Us

PRIMO Chocolate Bali is a small producer of high quality, single origin chocolate based in Bali, Indonesia. Established in 2008, PRIMO prides itself in its ability to oversee every aspect of production from the sourcing of the cocoa beans to the final product, ensuring the highest quality is received by our clients. We work closely with farmers and develop relationships where trust is a key factor. In return for providing us with the best quality cocoa beans, fermented using our preferred methods, we pay the farmers a substantial premium for their beans. The cocoa beans we sourced are treated very delicately and with utmost care. Roasting at very low temperatures and grinding at low speeds over long periods of time (85+ hours). This ensures that we can extract the maximum amount of flavour and aroma from the cocoa beans, giving our clients a truly unique chocolate experience.


Pursued by his passion for chocolate and the ethical treatment of farmers, Italian Architect Giuseppe Verdacchi established PRIMO in 2008. Having been brought up near the city of Perugia, known for their famous Perugina Chocolates, and being close friends with one of the oldest artisanal chocolatiers from Rome, Giuseppe is motivated to create a factory of his own, producing the best quality handcrafted chocolate possible. From the sourcing and testing of locally grown Cocoa beans, working with farmers that use sustainable farming methods, to investing in research for the extraction of the most premium chocolate taste and aroma possible, Primo is proud to continue it’s journey in creating the finest and most sustainably produced chocolate, with the trust of the community and its ethics and principles at heart.